Last Light Pictures is a video production company that specializes in crafting authentic stories for brands, non-profit organizations, and advertising agencies.

Our goal is to capture the spontaneous joy and excitement felt by you, your family, and your guests throughout your wedding day. We believe the best way to do this is through advanced planning, coordination, and professional, unobtrusive videography.

We help organizations build their brand, promote their products, and tell their stories in unique, engaging ways.

We possess the necessary tools and talents to produce engaging, high-quality corporate videos that will solidify your business relationships with existing customers, as well as bring in new prospects.


"Noble Fir"

NOBLE FIR follows Henry Dean, a man not given to emotion, who is struggling to maintain control over his life during the busiest part of the Christmas-tree harvesting season.


"My Name Is Water"

From Producers, Sharon Stone, Justin Arana, and Christopher Graham- A directionless college student has his blasé lifestyle challenged by his Holocaust surviving Grandfather.